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This component comes with both systems and clips onto our moisture sensing underwear. It transmits a signal to the alarm that’s plugged into the wall. It sometimes ends up in the washing machine by accident with the underwear. If this happens you won’t need to purchase a full system again only the transmitter.
It is very important that you pair in the new transmitter with your old receiver. Please follow the steps outlined below once you receive your new transmitter in the post:

1. Plug in receiver and turn it on so there is a green light in the middle.
2. Press + and – buttons at the same time so the green light flashes
3. On the transmitter, place the two studs ( at the same time) against the metal strip on the receiver.
4. To confirm pairing you will here a single beep and the green light will go solid.

To test the alarm, press both studs against the metal strip and this should set off your alarm.

NB make sure you turn the volume up.

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