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The heavy sleeper bedwetting alarm shakes the pillow and wakes every child up easily, so the child can take ownership of the process from day 1. It can also be operated silently in case the bedwetting child shares a bedroom with their sibling. This system enables the child to learn to stay dry much faster as the child has no difficulty in waking to this alarm. Once the child wakes up to the bedwetting alarm by themselves, the child takes over the process and assumes full responsibility for waking and going to the toilet at night. It comes with 2 sets of moisture sensing underwear.

Remember when choosing underwear colour, its blue for a boy and white for a girl.

rodger bedwetting alarm
rodger betwetting alarm underwear

Extra - Underwear


This option is for children who wet the bed more than twice a night. You will only find this out when your child is already using an alarm system, as the alarm will go off a number of times during the night. Our training requires consistency in order for your child to learn, so it Is vital that every time your child wets that the alarm goes off. So it is important that the parent has enough spare moisture sensing underwear in reserve to keep pace with the amount of times your child wets the bed. Extra underwear can be used to recycle the alarm for a younger sibling.

Remember when choosing underwear colour, its blue for a boy and white for a girl.

Spare - Transmitter


This component comes with both systems and clips onto our moisture sensing underwear. It transmits a signal to the alarm that’s plugged into the wall. It sometimes ends up in the washing machine by accident with the underwear. If this happens you won’t need to purchase a full system again only the transmitter.
It is very important that you pair in the new transmitter with your old receiver. Please follow the steps outlined below once you receive your new transmitter in the post:

To test the alarm, press both studs against the metal strip and this should set off your alarm.

NB make sure you turn the volume up.

  • Plug in receiver and turn it on so there is a green light in the middle.
  • Press + and – buttons at the same time so the green light flashes
  • On the transmitter, place the two studs ( at the same time) against the metal strip on the receiver.
  • To confirm pairing you will here a single beep and the green light will go solid.

To test the alarm, press both studs against the metal strip and this should set off your alarm.

NB make sure you turn the volume up.

What Irish Parents say about our bedwetting alarm

What can I say other than this is a fantastic product. I bought this for my twin sisters 5yr old. He was a couple of weeks without using pull ups at night without any success. But having seen your product on Ireland AM, am still amazed at the genius way in which it works. It really takes the hard work out of bedwetting both for parents and the child. It just took one month, I really didn’t think it could be possible. Having put in a diary to record each night was also a genius idea, as every night that he was dry he put his stickers into the diary. The diary also showed if he was up at night or the morning, making it very easy to track his progress. There were hardly any wet sheets so a big plus for Mum too. They have a 3yr old daughter Abbie next in line for the bed wetting alarm, so price wise its a brilliant product. Ye just need to advertise it on evening time tv as well to show all those moms out there just how good it is.

Denise Hanney, Galway

I’m just emailing you say thank you so much My 10 year daughter has had 45 dry nights We are so happy she like a different child her confidence is back and she’s going on sleep overs To be honest I was a bit skeptical & kinda was thinking its a lot of money at the time But it’s unreal how it works I highly recommend it to anyone Best money we ever spent Forever thankful

Marie Leonard

It worked a treat.  It took approx a month to correct his problem but no looking back since.  Delighted to have pursued this option.  Our public health nurse would not recommend him for this treatment as he was too young (4 1/2 yrs) but I knew his problem was ‘deep sleeping’ and nothing else.  I have told my friends and will continue to recommend this treatment for those ‘heavier sleepers’.

Many thank for your advice and service.

Yvonne, Kells, Co Westmeath

My son was 9 and had not have a dry night, within 3 weeks he was dry and has not had a dry night since. It was a remarkable change, given such a simple and easy to use product. It was worth every penny.

Regards, S., Dublin

Tried everything in the past – Homeopaths, Osteopaths, limiting drinks, waking during night and nothing worked until I got the bed wetting alarm Thank you so much – it works! Happy child and relieved parents!

Anne, Cork

The Roger bedwetting alarm is a very effective device to teach the child to get up when he needs to go to the toilet at night. The speed of the connection between the sensor and the alarm is really fast, allowing the child to stop before completely emptying the bladder. We had tried with another alarm (with cable) and it did not work. I have already recommended this product to my sister and will recommend it to anyone with his problem.

A. Swords, Co. Dublin

Would you believe I recommended you to someone yesterday evening!
We are now dry for the past 8-9 nights so hopefully we’re nearly there. It definitely worked in bursts with Josh – great initially, and then he would go for a couple of nights and sleep through the alarm. But we seem to be sorted now which is great.

Sheila, Waterford City

It was absolutely incredible – my 7 year old went from flooding the bed 3 times a night (even when taken up to go to the toilet) to completely dry in about 4 weeks.  He still doesn’t wake to got to the toilet but he stays dry all night. I think he has been completely dry now for about 6/7 weeks – I have put away the alarm. I would definitely recommend the product if anyone asks. Incidentally my sister used it on her 15 yr old girl again with incredible success – after about 3 nights.

Sandra, Crosshaven, Co Cork

We are delighted with it thanks very much.Our boy has now stopped using it after 3 weeks and so far has had 2 dry nights without it so success all round so far. Before the alarm even might go the odd night dry but since we got the alarm he wet only twice with it and now stopped using it since. Sunday and dry since. Money well spent as far as we are concerned.

Anthony, Baltinglass, Co Wicklow

Getting there! He still needs the alarm to wake him once a night, but it does wake him and he hops up and goes to the toilet himself then. when we started he was wetting it three times a night so its a big improvement. about twice a week he’ll go the whole night with no alarm so I reckon he’s not far off.

John, Ballsbridge, Dublin

I’m so delighted with the alarm pants, i have a 9 year old girl and she was wetting every night i tried everything and i heard about the pants i was so interested i went on line and got yourself now she does not need them as she is not wetting, its so great, i cant believe it,so fingers crossed. I will be using them for my 6 year son next, so i hope he is the same,in total it took my daughter 4 weeks,
i would like to thank u for the fast delivery could not believe how quick i got them.

Margaret, Dundalk, Co Louth.

Hi, No problem sorted after 3 weeks.

Brian, Doon, Co Limerick.

Yes. It has been working very well for us.

Tríona, Ranelagh, Dublin

The bet wetting alarm was a great success. He has been dry now for about 6 weeks, no accidents.  Hes delighted with himself and we are with him.  I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen and I know of one woman who has ordered it for her ten yr old son on my recommendation.  I was delighted with the service, prompt and efficient, specially with the refund straight away on the Credit Card.

Deirdre, Castlebridge, Co Wexford

Yes we are very happy with the alarm. We have taken it off the underwear this week and so far so good.
I thought it was very easy to use and I liked the fact that it can be washed easily and put in the dryer.
We call it the ‘Magic Underpants’ and it has been magic.

Hope business has been going well-I have been spreading the word to anyone I know who is having an issue with bed wetting. Personally I think that today’s nappies are the problem. They are far too absorbent and they make kids lazy when it comes to going to the toilet at night.

However-the ‘magic underpants’ seems to have done the trick.


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